Quick Feet Soccer Training Equipment


Quick Feet Soccer Training

Quick Feet is the proven ball skills training program that will propel players to a higher skill level quicker than any other training method

  • Start with Quick Feet Trainer: the home and club practice version of the full-featured Quick Feet Coach.
  • Quick Feet Coach provides ball-by-ball data and instant feedback.
  • To accompany the Quick Feet range, Matrix Sports Group has also created a suite of unique training CDs to help players improve technique and accelerate development.

Quick Feet TRAINER

The Quick Feet Trainer will get your skills up to speed. Skills like controlling the ball, making fast turns and accurate passes will all be dramatically improved through regular practice with Quick Feet.

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Upgrade to Quick Feet COACH

The advanced version of Quick Feet Trainer

With Coach all of your hard work is monitored and measured, providing state-of-the-art measurement and analysis of player performance and improvement. Coach helps to drive advanced skill learning whilst analysing performance and progress, week in, week out.

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Upgrade to Quick Feet VISION

Developing top-notch spacial awareness skills and lightening reactions is vital for every successful player. Quick Feet Vision hones those skills, making you faster at making split second decisions. The challenges that Quick Feet Vision sets are tough, but the rewards will be obvious when you get out on to the pitch.

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Upgrade to Quick Feet PLAY

Quick Feet is not only about serious training. With Quick Feet Play it's also about serious fun. This brilliant upgrade provides a competitive way to play other players, either against the clock or highest score, and with the interactive scoring system it's not only fun to play, it's great to watch too.

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Free Posters

Kick off your training with these great drills from the experts. Click here to download these free posters


Curt Viola
St. Peters Missouri

My 10 year old daughter has been using Quick Feet and it has now become a staple of her training. At fi rst, I viewed this training tool as excellent for passing accuracy. However, I soon realized the almost immediate improvement in ball control she developed in the short time due to constantly receiving the ball off the passing rebound. Now I realize on top of these skills she is learning foot work, foot placement, and balance when receiving and one touch passing. When my daughter steps on the fi eld I get a lot of positive feedback about her abilities. They are taken aback when I tell them she has been a fulltime goalie since age 7 and the field is new to her. I credit a lot of that with just her comfort level with the ball she developed greatly using the Quick Feet.

Jamie Vittles
Head of
 Community - Exeter City

Exeter City FC Community Trust recently purchased a Quick Feet coach unit to use within our development programme. We have found that by using this simple piece of kit we can measure the performance of players as young as 3 years old. The unit is easy to transport to sessions and assembles in minutes.

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